PRIA Events, together with the Competition Council, organized for the first time in Cluj-Napoca an edition of the PRIA Competition Conference to discuss important topics for companies in order to maintain a healthy competitive environment. Why Cluj-Napoca? Because it is the city with the largest development in recent years, being chosen by many companies for investment, but also that has created many successful entrepreneurs. It is a dynamic city for several business sectors, it is the smart city that is at the top of the country, has the same GDP per capita as Bucharest and last but not least, it has one of the most developed academic backgrounds and excellent student achievements.

All companies must comply with competition laws. This is why this important event is of interest to top managers - presidents, general managers, contractors, development directors, strategy directors, operations directors, legal directors, lawyers and lawyers, as well as professional associations, chambers of commerce, embassies, consultants, investors, economists, teachers and journalists.

Competition is a vital mechanism of the Romanian economy, with the Competition Council playing a very important role in ensuring a healthy competitive environment. It encourages efficiency and innovation and reduces prices. Companies are also encouraged to provide consumers with goods and services in the most favorable terms. Therefore, competitive policies must be known and understood by all those involved in the economy. Companies need to be aware of how they can be protected by legislation if they become victims of anti-competitive practices, but also what sanctions they can receive in case of violation of the rules.

The event brings together all sectors of the economy directly interested in Cluj - IT, industry, health and pharmaceutical, financial - banking, insurance, retail, energy, telecom, car, environment, law, agriculture, construction, services and more.

At the PRIA Competition conference, legislative news on competition, high-level analyzes and case studies were discussed by the most important lecturers in the field, exchanging views and experiences with participants concerned about the same topics, and debates on how legal advisers can assist companies in their approaches to market competition, the views of associations and companies in the same industries.

At the event, they were invited to talk about competition as a vital mechanism for the optimal functioning of the economy, Mr. Emil BOC - Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Bogdan M. CHIRIŢOIU - President of the Competition Council, Emilia BOTEZAN - Head of the Foreign Relations and Investors Department of the City of Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Mihaela ION - Associate Lawyer, Popovici Niţu Stoica and Associates, Adrian STER - Partner, Wolf Theiss Romania, Bianca MUNTEANU - Executive Director, Aries Transilvania, Felix ARION - General Director, AgroTransilvania Cluster, Daniel HOMORODEAN Member, Cluj IT Cluster / President Arxia, Adrian BOT - Executive Director, Transilvania Energy Cluster - TREC, Irina VIJOLI - Founder DigiQuery, Moderator - Raluca VOIVOZEANU - CEO PRIA Conferences.