Genomic Analysis Laboratory

Calea Mănăștur 3-5, USAMV, Cluj-Napoca

Existing equipment:

Genomic analysis of samples of plant origin consists in the use of PCR based amplification techniques (SSR, SNAP, RT-PCR) in order to establish the genetic fingerprint necessary for the rapid and efficient characterization of some species of economic value and / or the detection of potential product frauds along the food chain to the analyzed samples. The necessary equipment in the genomic analysis laboratory of the samples consists of:

- 1 Termocycler for sample amplification: allows for optimal PCR reaction conditions. In molecular biology the polymerase chain reaction & nbsp; (PCR) also translated as the chain polymerization reaction is a biochemical technology of in vitro multiplication (synthesis) of the DNA gene by amplifying the parent compound pairs.

- 1 refrigerator to store reaction products and consumables

- 1 electrophoresis system required preliminary test of reaction products; the device is intended for preliminary testing of PCR amplification products. Benefits of use for laboratory CDI components: multichannel pipette compatible, containing a complete double vertical vertical electrophoresis system for Blotting test, capillary and 2D; running simultaneously 2 gels.

- 1 genetic analysis system with semi-automatic analysis software included for electrophoretic migration of reaction products obtained from PCR amplification of plant and animal products and analysis of results based on included software in the system. Benefits of using the laboratory CDI: Large number of processed samples (2 x 96 samples can be migrated simultaneously) used for analyzing results based on the DNA fragmentation technique (SSR, AFLP, RFLP, PCR) and fragments sequencing respectively DNA.

- 1 desktop computer for data processing.


Equipment features:

Nr. crt.

Name of the equipment


Minimum technical specifications




- Block 96 samples with 3 active zones and 6 sensors

- the possibility of running 3 different programs simultaneously

- 5ºC heating / cooling rate

- Temperature uniformity ± 0.3ºC

- Temperature accuracy ± 0.25ºC

– color touch screen display

– port USB

– 256MB internal memory

– touch down PCR


Desktop computer


Memory: 8GB

Processor: 4 cores

Keyboard + mouse

Hard Drive: minimum 240GB


Network card 10/100/1000

Monitor 21,5″

Operating system




No Frost system

Energy class A +

Minimum volume of 450L