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“The first agricultural cluster from Romania was founded in Cluj, following the IT cluster model. This agricultural cluster is an initiative of the Cluj County Council.”


“On the 2nd of February 2013, Cluj County Council hosted a press conference on the occasion of the establishment of Ind Agro-Food Napoca cluster, that aims to bring together the leading players in the agro-industrial sector.

At the meeting besidesvice presidents of Cluj County Council, Mr. Ioan Oleleu and Mr. Vakar Istvan, representatives of educational and research institutions, farmer associations, animal breeders were present. Considering the importance and the innovative nature of the project, the meeting was attended by a number of locally elected officials, including county councilors Remus Lapusan, Axente Husar, Lorinczi Zoltan Laszlo, Andreea Morar and Dan Morar. “


“AgroTransilvania Cluster, supported by the Cluj County Council and the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, will start in September, a study on the needs and expectations of local communities in Cluj, in order to integrate it into the regional agricultural strategy for the 2013-2020 period.”