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SC Cosm-Fan Carmangerie S.R.L. was founded on the desire of the two Moldovans, the father and the son to set up a business in the field of meat industrialization. In 1994 my father and I, both experienced in the field, produced the first preparations of meat, according to traditional recipes in a specialized workshop in Sannicoara locality. The quality of carmangerous preparations highlighted by appearance, taste and smell "like at home" and especially the hygiene of production, determined in time a constant growth of the society. Thus in 2000 we produced 15 tons of products per month, and in 2005 up to 24 tons and turnover in the same period increased annually by 10-20%. From 5 assortments in 1994, we produce today no fewer than 65, and in the future according to customer requirements new products will be produced.Astazi S.C. Cosm-Fan Carmangerie S.R.L. became the emblem of the dynamism, modernity and quality of the meat industry in Cluj County.

Contact details: sat Sannicoara, comuna Apahida,judetul Cluj, str. 1 Mai nr. 40, 407042
Telefon: 0264/232810
Fax: 0264 232810



The Bonas brand is one of the oldest in the dairy market in Cluj. In 1991, it is the cornerstone of the company, a company that has dedicated his entire life to serving the needs of customers. We like to think that, over time, we have been a kind of health provider for Cluj, our products having this main feature. We started "shy" with only 200-400 liters processed per day, but we knew we wanted more. That's how we get to 5000 liters a day, as today we can boast 15,000 liters, a factory at European standards and a wide range of products.

Contact details: Dezmir, Cluj, Strada Criseni, nr. 5
Cod postal: 407039
Phone: 0040/264 487800
Fax: 0040/264 487808


With nearly 1,000 employees, ONCOS became the largest brand since the 1989 Revolution, continuing to occupy this place for years. ONCOS is the 43rd employer in Romania - as big and dynamic - the 7th among the top Romanian poultry producers in the top 100 companies with full Romanian capital monitored by the trade register and the rankings could continue.

Contact details: Loc. Floresti, jud. Cluj, str. Abatorului nr.2 (14 km de centrul orasului Cluj-Napoca)
Telefon.: 0264-265 915
Fax: 0264-265 113


Begun many years ago as a small family meat processing plant, the business has evolved continuously. Thanks to the richness, common sense, numerous sacrifices and total reinvestment of profit for expansion and modernization today, Mariflor is a certified ISO 9001: 2001 and HACCP brand, well known both in the country and abroad. Our investments have resulted in the construction of a high quality meat processing and industrialization factory, with a surface area of more than 10000 m², equipped with the highest performance, computerized, state-of-the-art machines and with facilities to maintain the unit in the most stringent hygienic-sanitary conditions.
Contact details: Gherla, jud. Cluj, Strada Ştefan cel Mare, nr. 9, Judeţul Cluj


With an activity of over 10 years in the field of processing and marketing of canned vegetables and fruit, SC Mib Prodcom SRL offers you the unique flavor and taste you can only find in Arovit jams, jams, nectars and meals. Our company offers you a range of more than 60 products obtained in the factories in the Valley of Mihai and Aiud, factories with a long tradition, which have proved in time good performance and high quality products.

Contact details: Cluj-Napoca, judeţul Cluj, Str. Traian Vuia, nr. 210
Telefon/Fax: +4 0264 274156
+4 0264 274157
+4 0264 274158


XAMUS is one of the main sausage producers in Cluj with a diversified range of products specific to horeca activity. We strive to offer the best and most complete services for our private or corporate clients.

Contact details: com. Baciu, jud. Cluj, Str. Noua 702
Phone: 0264-260437
Fax: 0264-260437
Mobil: 0745-012964


Carmangeria Mureşan is the oldest on the sausage market in Cluj, founded in 1990 by Mureşan Gheorghe Sr., who has been a sausage master for 30 years at the former Cluj Napoca Sausage Factory. This carmangerie started as a family association and dedicated its entire existence to the quality of sausage, professionalism, satisfaction of customers' needs, working on traditional recipes.

Contact details: Cluj-Napoca, judeţul Cluj, Strada Donath, nr. 132


A premium collection of cold pressed, healthy and stylish oils that combines taste and health in a modern, but based on experience and tradition in cold processing of seeds. The story of our oils began in 1998 in a village in the Transylvanian Plain, the moon, the name from which the brand of the product is inspired, from a need for local processing of sunflower seeds for the consumption of the families of the farmers in the area.

Luna Solai, manufactured by cold pressing technology, is a natural product obtained from carefully chosen seeds that are not heat or chemical treatments, which gives the product superior quality to hot or refined oil. The oils thus processed preserve the richness of nutrients, vitamins, minerals contained in the seeds from which they are made. Excellent prosperity, quality and taste are the main properties of Luna Solai oils.


Super Lactis SRL started the production of premium goat cheese in 2007, when the first products under the brand "La Colline" appeared on the market. The 100% Romanian green-type investment was considered above the European average by a committee of international experts, the unit being given the right to identify products bearing the oval health mark of the European Union and to make intra-Community exports.

Tel:  0364 505 112