Catalyst organizations

SC Centrul Agro Transilvania Cluj SA

Ensure the storage of agri-food products at European standards by monitoring micro-climate factors at the product level as well as through technical facilities for sorting, packaging, handling throughout the distribution network to the consumer.

Phone: 0264-504-200

SC Hygia Consult SRL

The company provides consultancy services in business and management, being actively involved in setting up and developing clusters in the North-West Region of Romania, specialized in attracting financing as well as managing and coordinating project implementation.

Tel./fax: 0264-316-587

Camera de Comerț și Industrie Cluj

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cluj was established almost 160 years ago through the Austrian Imperial Patent, together with the Chambers of Brasov and Timisoara. The Cluj Chamber of the 21st Century is the successor of law and the continuation of the 19th century, making CCI Cluj one of the oldest 3 chambers of commerce in Romania.

Phone: 0364-730-980

Global Distribution Group SRL

We are a company established in 2002 with business and management consulting activity. Since its inception, the company has been active in the field of consultancy and trade specializing in the agro-industrial sector in order to promote the European animal husbandry principles, in particular the raising of dairy cows and buffaloes. SC GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION GROUP SRL, through its activity in 2006, has obtained 18 SAPARD financing in ecological Euroferme projects for dairy cows breeding for clients from Cluj, Bistrita-Nasaud, Mures and Brasov counties, and we are currently working to obtain funding from Structural Funds.

Dej, judetul Cluj, str. Valea Codorului nr. 61B
ZIP code: 405200
Tel / Fax: 0372 764 350 / 0264 206 041
Mobil:0730 123 633

Agenţia de Dezvoltare Regională Nord-Vest

The North-West Regional Development Agency is a regional organization established as a public utility body with legal personality, operating in specific areas of regional development, the main objectives being to reduce regional disparities, economic and social development of the region as well as to facilitate cooperation at regional level , national and European.

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Phone: 0264-431550