About us

Our mission
The mission of the Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Cluster is to promote cooperation and cooperation between business entities, the agro-industrial sector, academia and research, as well as encouraging the competitive restructuring of the sector and ensuring participation in multiple national, international. In this respect, members of the "Agro-Food-Ind. Napoca Cluster" Association decided to join in supporting the development of the agro-industrial sector with the declared aim of supporting the increase of the competitiveness of the association, as well as of each individual member, on the national market , but also international.
In the context in which, over the last period of time, we are talking more often about the sustainable development of the county, we considered it appropriate to bring together representatives of the agricultural producers in Cluj, the processors and last but not least of the big retail companies , in order to develop the common sustainable development strategy for the entire county.

În contextul în care proiectele europene din perioada 2014-2020 necesită o pregătire extrem de serioasă, avem convingerea că iniţiativa Consiliului Judeţean Cluj, una în premieră la nivel naţional, va genera un proiect de succes care va contribui esenţial la consacrarea judeţului Cluj drept un model de bune practici în domeniul agroindustrial. În aceleaşi timp, este pentru prima dată când discutăm cu reprezentanţii marilor lanţuri de magazine despre posibilitatea introducerii, în mod real şi efectiv, a producătorilor autohtoni, pe rafturile supermagazinelor. Sunt convins că putem construi împreună o strategie care să asigure piaţa de desfacere a produselor realizate la nivelul judeţului, respectiv al regiunii, concomitent cu scăderea importurilor.

The AGRO-FOOD-IND Napoca cluster will ensure the sectoral development of the areas represented in today's discussion and the leaders of each sector will create opportunities for accessing European funds but also for the punctual support of the members of this association

Mr. Ioan Oleleu
Vice-president of Cluj County Council

Our objectives
  • Create and promote a harmonious framework for interaction between all stakeholders active on the agro-industrial value chain.
  • Development of a research-development-innovation platform and the orientation of the private sector towards innovation and technological transfer.
  • Supporting and promoting projects of common interest, including large-scale, cross-border projects.
  • Supporting the integration of education supply with the real needs of the agro-industrial business environment.
  • Promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship by providing pertinent solutions for renewing and modernizing the sector.
  • Creating optimal tools and channels for effectively managing information and opportunities in the industry.
  • Developing partnerships in the country and abroad in order to achieve the objectives of the association.
  • Promote legislative initiatives to correct - or, as the case may be - regulate certain issues of interest to the industry.
  • Identifying collaborative opportunities for financial support through various programs, partnerships, tools and / or banking operations.
  • Organization and participation of forums, symposiums, conferences, seminars, debates, etc. in the country and abroad.
  • Elaboration of projects in various fields meant to ensure both the development of the association and of members or other interested structures in the field.
  • Conduct any activities necessary to achieve the purpose and objectives of the association.
Our vision
The establishment of the agro-industrial cluster is based on the vision of the current Cluj County Council, according to which the harmonious and balanced development of the whole county, with the elimination of the development gaps between the different areas of the county and especially the urban and rural areas, is a priority which is what marks the entire mandate of the new county administration.

In this respect, from the desire to ensure the sustainable development of the county in general and of the rural environment in particular, the management of the county administrative forum considered it more than necessary to support the revitalization of the agri-industrial sector in Cluj. For this, the first step promoted by the county administration is to create the appropriate framework to bring together the main actors in the field, by setting up the Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Cluster.