Assessment of Genetic Relationships between Streptocarpus x hybridus V. Parents and F1 Progenies Using SRAP Markers and FT-IR Spectroscopy (EN)

Autori: Monica HÂRȚA, Orsolya BORSAI, Cristina M. MUNTEAN, Nicoleta E. DINA, Alexandra FĂLĂMAȘ, Loredana Elena OLAR, Katalin SZABO, Doru PAMFIL, Răzvan ŞTEFAN


The genetic relationship among three Streptocarpus parents and twelve F1 hybrids was assessed using sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) molecular markers and Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy. Both methods were able to discriminate F1 hybrids and parents as revealed by cluster analysis. For hybrid identification, the type III SRAP marker was the most effective due to the presence of male-specific bands in the hybrids. Different behaviors in the biochemical variability of DNA samples have been observed by FT-IR spectral analysis, which might be attributed to the inherent nature of the genomic DNA from parents and their F1 progenies. Mantel test was also carried out to compare morphological, SRAP, and FT-IR results based on genetic distances. The highest correlation coefficient was found between morphological and SRAP marker distances (R = 0.607; p ≤ 0.022). A lower correlation was observed between the morphological and FT-IR distance matrix (R = 0.231; p ≤0.008). Moreover, a positive correlation was found between the distances generated with SRAP and FT-IR analyses (R = 0.026) but was not statistically significant. These findings show that both SRAP and FT-IR techniques combined with morphological descriptions can be used effectively for nonconventional breeding programs for Streptocarpus to obtain new and valuable varieties.

Publicat: Plants 2020, 9, 160; doi:10.3390/plants9020160

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