Moldovan – Sânnicoara Butchery, or the craft taught in the family

Moldovan Sânnicaoara Butchery, one of the most important meat companies from Cluj County, is the living proof that the craft is taught in the family, that dedication and the respect given to the client are the ingredients used in building a lasting business.

Established in 1994 by Ștefan and Cosmin Moldovan, under the name “Cosm-Fan Carmangerie”, the company initially made meat products using traditional recipes in a small meat processing workshop located in the yard of the Moldovan household. The authentic taste and quality of the products played a significant part in the company’s growth over the years, which in turn facilitated the development of the workshop and the opening of new shops under the Moldovan brand.

In order to do business purposefully and as well as possible, in 2005 Moldovan family invested in a cattle farm located in Mociu. Here, over 230 cows, breeds like Charolaise, Blue-White Belgian, Limousine and Angus, are raised in a healthy, natural and well-balanced environment. At the moment, the farm is going through a modernization project worth 1,5 million Euros, funded by EAFRD.

During 2007-2008 the company was rebuilt from the ground up with the help of SAPARD funding, which went towards acquiring new equipment for the production site. This investment represents an important point in the company’s development cycle, it subsequently led to an expansion of the shop network, alongside with an increase in the numbers of people employed by the company. Moreover, through this investment the company also broaden its product portfolio. 

So it is that nowadays Moldovan Sânnicaoara Butchery has 27 shops across all of Cluj County and is a Top 100 Cluj County company, employing 210 people. Its product portfolio includes sausages, salami, smoked meat, ham, and other such products reaching 120 assortments of meat products.

Last year, at the 20th anniversary, Moldovan family’s business went through a complex rebranding process, bringing the meat shop concept into the XXI century. In the new Moldovan butcheries’ clients are able to taste the product before buying it. Furthermore, clients receive guidance on how to prepare the meat and on what spices should be used. Moldovan family’s wish is to resurrect the old butcheries’ tradition and to keep this craft alive.

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