Management Team

  • Horațiu Felix Arion

    General Manager

    Prof. Dr. Felix Arion is the General Director of AgroTransilvania and the Director of the Economic...

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  • Alina Magdaș

    Laboratory director for the determination of mycotoxins and allergens in food and the development of new products with natural additives (dyes and preservatives)

    Dr. Dana Alina Magdas is the coordinator of the Mass Spectromy, Cromatography and Applied Physics...

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  • Borsai Orsolya

    Genomic Analysis Laboratory Director

    Graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture, specialized in Landscaping, Orsolya got her Doctor Degree...

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  • Adriana David

    Physical - Chemical Analysis Laboratory Director for Meat and meat products

    Dr. Adriana David worked as a teacher in pre-university education and after that in higher education...

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  • Ciprian Morcan

    Development Department Coordinator

    Ciprian is a mature entrepreneur, with long-term vision, significant expertise in the cosulting...

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  • Ovidiu Vandor

    Information manager

    With an experience of over 25 years in the private field of management, Ovidiu is the information...

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  • Diana Chifor

    Internationalization Manager

    Diana is the Internationalization Manager of AgroTransilvania Cluster and she is also studying to...

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  • Florina Bârdea

    Quality System Consultant

    Florina is the quality system consultant of the AgroTransilvania Cluster. Since 2018 she is an expert...

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  • Mioara Felecan

    Financial responsible

    Mioara is an expert accountant, ANEVAR evaluator and a insolvency practitioner, having an experience...

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  • Gabriel Uram

    Acquisitions Manager

    Gabriel has over 17 years of experience as a legal advisor. The rich experience as a legal advisor...

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  • Andreea Urs

    Assistant Manager

    Andreea is a graduate of the master’s program “Management of Rural Development si Agroturism”...

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Gender Equality Plan