Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

AgroTransilvania Cluster provides members with access to the research infrastructure, consisting in 9 functional, high-end laboratories, which is a part of the „Center of Advanced Research for Innovative Products and Food Processes”.

The methodology used for the laboratories is similar with the one used in the most advanced ones across the EU (France, UK, Germany), focusing on genomic analysis (DNA profile – nucleic acids), metabolic analysis (metabolic biomarkers) and sensory analysis (volatile components which imprint a specific aroma and smell, nonvolatile components which imprint taste and aroma).

By using the laboratories, not only can the bio-graphical origin of an agro-food product, but it can also ensure that these products, alongside with their production and supply chains reach are safe and accessible when they reach the final consumer („from farm to fork”).

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Mycotoxins/allergens determination in food and the development of food coloring from natural sources Laboratory

  • Services for the extraction of organic compounds (phenolic compounds, pesticides) from various environmental and food matrices;
  • Pre-concentration services of extracts obtained for further analysis;
  • Analysis and control of the presence of allergens or mycotoxins in food matrices;
  • The quantitative determination of macro elements, essential or potentially toxic elements in food, beverages and environmental samples.

Genomics Laboratory

  • DNA extraction from plants;
  • DNA quantification through the spectrophotometric method
  • PCR reaction-based DNA amplification services along with PCR reaction product verification

Control and safety of meat and meat products Laboratory

  • Nitrogen analyzer services with N analyzer;
  • NIR parameter determination;
  • Determination of nitrates and nitrites present in meat;
  • Determination of acidity and concentration in sodium chloride.

Sensorial analysis laboratory

  • Services for organoleptic analysis of different components in food;
  • Determination of taste food parameters using the organoleptic method.

Control and safety of milk and milk products Laboratory

  • Application and accreditation of biochemical and molecular methods for certification of the quality and typicality of dairy products;
  • Rapid analysis, IR spectrometry, IRMS and ICP-MS methods;
  • Molecular impression.

Genetic improvement Lab with the following services:

  • Testing the reproductive performance of young bulls from various farms/farmers;
  • Testing the productive performance of cattle specialized for fattening/breeding;
  • Sequining and tagging.

Feed Efficiency Lab with the following services:

  • Analysis of feed nutritional parameters;
  • Grain processing to improve digestibility and nutritional qualities;
  • Development and testing of new feed formulas and nutritional supplements.

* Services provided to ATC members comply with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, SRM 8000, and European GOLD certification