The cluster mediates and organizes training activities to train the staff of the cluster management entity and the representatives of the cluster members.

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Training courses held by the cluster:

Client oriented selling

The “Client oriented selling” training course was held on the 27-28th of November 2014.

From marketing strategy to results

The “From marketing strategy to results” training course consisted of different stages and instruments meant for the implementation of a marketing plan and promotion strategy, was held in 08.12.2014.

Fundamental Hygiene Norms

“The Fundamental Hygiene Norms” training course carried out over two days, having 60 participants per course. Trainees were employees of different members of the cluster who work in the food industry, either production or selling of food products.

Trainer COR 242401

“Trainer COR 242401”, ANC accredited course, carried out across six days, had 8 participants per course (from EMC members and employees from the cluster’s members).

Project Manager

“Project Manager” training course (COR code 242101), ANC accredited course, had 9 participants (from EMC members and employees from the cluster’s members).

Public Acquisitions Expert

“Public Acquisitions Expert” training course (COR code 214946), ANC accredited course, EMC members and employees from the cluster’s members took part in.

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