Authors: Orsolya BORSAI, Monica HÂRȚA, Doru PAMFIL, Doina CLAPA

The aim of this work was to determine the effect of zeatin (Z), dihydrozeatin (DHZ) and 2-isopentenyl-adenine (2 iP) on shoot length and proliferation rate (PR) in three Vaccinium corymbosum L. cultivars: ‘Blueray’, ‘Duke’ and ‘Patriot’. The culture medium used in this research was prepared from stock solution: Woody Plant Medium (WPM) supplemented with 5 mg/l 2iP, 0.25 mg/l Z, 0.5 mg/l Z, 0.25 mg/l dihydrozeatin (DHZ), 0.5 mg/l DHZ and a combination of 0.5 mg/lZ + 0.25 mg/l DHZ. The results show that the lowest PR (1.26±0.03) was recorded in ‘Duke’ on the medium containing 0.25 mg/l DHZ, while the highest PR (4.26±0.10) of this variety was recorded on the medium supplemented with a combination of 0.5 mg/l zeatin and 0.25 mg/l DHZ. The highest average length of the shoots (3.82±0.07) recorded was also on this medium. Among the treatments, the highest PR (3.66±0.07) induced by a single cytokinin was obtained on WPM+5 mg/l 2iP. Similar results were obtained in
‘Blueray’ undergoing the same treatment with hormone combinations (0.5 mg/l zeatin and 0.25 mg/l DHZ); the highest PR recorded was 4.1±0.23. On the contrary, ‘Patriot’ showed the highest proliferation rate (5.06±0.11) on the medium supplemented with 5 mg/l 2iP, but the average length of the shoots was slightly lower (4.21%) than that on the medium with hormone combinations.

Published: Agricultura no. 3 –4 (111-112)/2019

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