Ședinţa Adunării Generale a Asociaţiei AgroTransilvania Cluster, cu noi membri și proiecte de viitor

Meeting of the AgroTransilvania Cluster General Assembly, with new members and future projects

At the General Assembly meeting of the Agro-Food-Ind. Napoca Cluster, held on December 10, 2018, led by Mr. Istvan Vakar, Vice-President of Cluj County Council and President of AgroTransilvania Cluster, the new members' requests for adherence to AgroTransilvania Cluster have been approved.

Thus, to the 82 members of the AgroTransilvania Cluster, 6 other entities joined them:
1. KLAUSEN BURGER SRL – Restaurant.
2. DACHIM SRL - Cultivation of cereals (except rice), leguminous plants and plants producing oilseeds.
3. INSTITUTUL DE CERCETĂRI BIOLOGICE CLUJ FILIALĂ A INCDSB BUCUREȘTI – Research and development in other natural sciences and engineering.
4. CODREA MARIA MARUNI II (Ferma Codrea) – Activities in mixed farms (plant culture combined with livestock breeding).
5. UNITATEA DE SUPORT PENTRU INTEGRARE S.R.L .– Business and management consulting activities.
The new members have prepared for this occasion a brief presentation of the company, which they supported in front of the other members of the cluster present at the meeting, as well as products for tasting.

At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Felix Arion, General Manager AgroTransilvania Cluster, presented the projects the cluster will carry out, the budget, respectively the activities planned for the next year.

SIAL Paris 2018 – Inspire Food Business – Cea mai mare expoziție de inovație alimentară din lume

SIAL Paris 2018 - Inspire Food Business - The world's largest food innovation exhibition

This autumn, the Paris edition of SIAL has been held, which is constantly strengthening its status as the world's leading food exhibition. The event was attended by an AgroTransilvania Cluster delegation made up of cluster team members and representatives of members working in the agri-food sector.

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Although SIAL Paris 2018 has closed its gates, the ideas, insights and inspiration proposed by this year's edition will continue to resonate for a long time on Planet Food. The Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition, the scene for SIAL Paris, was the five-day truly action-packed five-day event with ingredients, recipes and flavors, in a "French" atmosphere but with an international sensation. 5 days to provide the world's largest exhibition for Planet Food, food industry players and inventors, manufacturers, distributors, restorers and suppliers of semi-processed ingredients. "It is truly a global think tank for the food industry, the international food innovation lab in all its aspects," said Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Network Manager, on the opening day.

How has it been measured in concrete terms, the success of SIAL Paris 2018? First, in figures. More than 7,200 exhibitors - 87% outside France - and more brands than ever. It records participation, with over 310,000 industry representatives (73% of visitors from outside France). And among them, thousands of buyers and influences from all sides. "SIAL Paris offers a unique and comprehensive experience of worldwide food experience. For the sectors that are already today, along with those in the early stages, the young start-ups that will make news tomorrow in France, India, Canada, Brazil or elsewhere. It was a window of visibility for everyone, "said Nicolas Trentesaux.

135 official international visits, 250 event events, 2,355 innovations presented for SIAL Innovation Awards and 15 Grand Prix awards: "This year, we managed to set the even bigger bar again, to offer all professionals in the field a truly exciting event with many parties everywhere. " Over the course of the five days of the show, SIAL Paris has promoted over 400,000 products on an area equivalent to over 100 supermarkets, endowed from one end to the other! "It remains an event that keeps the human dimension, because it is food, after all!" Visitors only had to focus their eyes and tastes around the exhibition corridors to be convinced of it! Such a strong presence and impeccable investment of professionals are more needed today than ever, at a time when the agri-food industry is entering a major transition phase. Taste - True - Meaning: This was the inspired triptych of SIAL Paris 2018, illustrating the future scenario to which Planet Food and all stakeholders are transforming into a bold and engaging interaction. "This is a future that, without realizing this, we wanted at least to anticipate to provide real answers to professionals, so much in the movements of change: everything, in fact! Customer expectations for health, authenticity, transparency and food consumption have never been so strong, industry's responsibilities continue to grow and, to limit all of this, we will have 100 million people around the world fed into each year by 2050. There is no other sector in the world facing such challenges: no one else has that much in the game! "Insists Nicolas Trentesaux. So, what should be done? In 2018, even more than in previous editions, SIAL Paris has put an emphasis on innovation: in three aspects!

Innovation by Identifying Trends and Mapping Perspectives: The 2018 edition of SIAL Paris offered the opportunity to present the fourth part of the KANTAR TNS Food Food study in conjunction with the Future Food book of XTC World Innovation trends along with the study on food trends outside the house at the GIRA Conseil. Not only this, but also the future, has been illustrated by products selected in Foodtech's space, presenting the innovations of the entire French food chain. Ecotropia Europe has also provided another vision of tomorrow's food through a national and European food innovation competition: "Student Trophies for Food Innovation", a true incubator of ideas for the food industry. Finally, while respecting its commitment to "inspire and look deeper," the world's largest food exhibition has proposed, together with Future Lab, a new event dedicated to food forecasting. This was a real success with the audience during the five days of the show! An experimental tunnel, a "start-up growth" space and concepts of virtual reality: The Future Lab has allowed visitors to come to Planet Food in 2030. Innovation for SIAL Paris 2018 was also , about offering an exceptional showcase for original ideas and concepts that will soon hit the shelves in the grocery stores. Therefore, SIAL Innovation has promoted products whose justification and characteristics are perfectly aligned with this logic of the transition to a truth, taste and a greater sense. This has also been reflected in the Alimentary Sector and its Forum dedicated to this new healthy food that conquers the world and has won this year through the abundance of easy and yet indulgent innovations! Over the course of these five days, La Cuisine also offered a real culinary cocktail, especially with live culinary classes and an innovation theme dedicated to food service and conceived by SIAL 2018, chef: Yannick Alléno!

SIAL Paris was also about organizing as many fruitful meetings as stands, in forums, in corridors! Meetings that can lead to new associations, new success stories! We look forward to seeing ourselves again in 2020, taking our place and helping to build together the future of Planet Food!

AgroTransilvania Cluster, membru fondator al FoodNET Metacluster

AgroTransilvania Cluster, founding member of FoodNET Metacluster

At the First FoodNet Conference "Food in Eco Network (FoodNET)" held in Lodz (Poland) on November 15, 2018, the Memorandum of Understanding on the Establishment of FoodNET Metacluster, a European meta-cluster, aims to stimulate and develop exports of agri-food products from Europe to third partners such as the United States, Canada, China and Middle East countries (Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman).

FoodNET Metacluster aims to promote an internationalization strategy to develop stakeholders' capacity (know-how and performance) and to create synergies in the meantime to start or increase food exports to selected third markets. FoodNET Metacluster addresses a wide range of stakeholders, such as: food companies (especially fresh, organic, organic), logistics, ICT and energy sector companies, regional authorities and sectoral organizations groups, groups , business environment institutions) and others.

The memorandum was signed by a consortium of clusters, consisting of LODZistics - Logistics Business Network of Central Poland (Poland); Logistics in Wallonia (Belgium), AgroTransilvania Cluster (Romania), Latvian Logistics Association (Latvia) and was accepted by Coexphal - Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations of Almeria (Spain).

FoodNet is being developed under the Food in Eco Network - internationalization and global competitiveness of European SMEs in Food and Eco Logistics Sector (FoodNet), funded by the EU's COSME program.

The conference was preceded by a consortium's work consortium, which discussed and adopted decisions on the formulation and structuring of SMEs and Metacluster's interests (FoodNet) in the document on
the strategic objectives of the group, which include a series of local training seminars for local beneficiaries (clusters, companies, other organizations) to overcome barriers inherent to the penetration of non-European markets.

Premiul de Excelenta pentru sustinerea mediului rural romanesc ca recunoastere a valorii AgroTransilvania Cluster

Excellence Award for Supporting the Romanian Rural Environment as a Recognition of AgroTransilvania Cluster

On November 8, 2018, the regional symposium "Sustainable Development of the Rural Environment" was held at Satu-Mare on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the Agency for Rural Investment Financing (AFIR), to which AgroTransilvania Cluster was invited to participate.

The event was attended by the presence of State Secretaries Mr. Alexandru Potor and Mr. Claudiu Sorin Roşu Mareş and also Adrian Chesnoiu, General Manager of AFIR.

On this occasion, you have been awarded diplomas of honor and prizes for excellence to those who have contributed to the development of the Romanian village: farmers, mayors, university professors, heads of institutions, county council presidents and, last but not least, representatives of the LAGs from the NW region. We were honored to count among the highlighted members of the cluster:

Dl. Istavan Vakar, President of AgroTransilvania Cluster

Prof. Dr. Felix Arion, General Manager of AgroTransilvania Cluster

Dl. Cosmin Moldovan, General Manager of Cosm-Fan Carmangerie SRL

Dl. Cristian Dan Tandea, Manager al Cooperativa Agricola Somes Aries

Prof. Dr. Cornel Catoi, Rector of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca







Proiectul TRACK – cooperare între regiunile europene pentru o mai bună colectare și utilizare a datelor în lanțul agroalimentar

The TRACK project - cooperation between European regions for better collection and use of data in the agri-food chain

The TRACK project promotes cooperation between European regions for better data collection and use in the agri-food chain.

Five partners from Spain, France, Romania, Italy and the Netherlands are cooperating in this project, funded by the COSME (EU) program, to create an inter-regional ecosystem that stimulates innovative solutions through large data sets in the agri-food chain.

CTA is the only Spanish partner of this project that will support selected ICT SMEs to accelerate the implementation of Traceability and Big Data solutions for the agricultural sector. The Andalusian Technology Corporation (CTA) is a strategic partner for innovation. It helps businesses, universities, public authorities and other bodies to successfully reach their research and development goals and capitalize on results and includes 158 member companies.

The initial meeting of the European project TRACK took place in Brussels (Belgium) with the aim of promoting cooperation between European regions for the application of large data and improving the traceability of the agri-food sector, especially in the production of plants.

Funded by the COSME program of the European Union and with a two-year mandate, it is coordinated by VEGEPOLYS (France) and integrates four other European partners: AgroTransilvania Cluster (Romania), Emilia Romagna Regional Agrifood Clust-ER Corporation of Andalusia CTA) and Greenport West-Holland (Netherlands).

The objective of TRACK is to create an interregional ecosystem that stimulates innovative agro-food chain solutions and common investments for the development of agribusiness 4.0 (intelligent agri-food), focusing on the value chain of crop production and stimulating the ICT sector's approach in the agri-food sector, SMEs.

The consortium will work on a common vision of the different cluster included in the project and will propose a joint action plan to stimulate innovation to improve the efficiency and traceability of the food chain of crops. An interregional system will also be created to bring the ICT sector closer (in particular high data and traceability) to the agri-food sector, with tools to improve collaboration between SMEs in both sectors. It also aims to highlight pilot projects to facilitate the development of innovative solutions and increase competitiveness.

The TRACK project was born in Platform S3, the transregional partnership promoted by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development in Andalusia (CAPDER). The thematic partnership aims at encouraging, motivating and facilitating the incorporation of the necessary digital technologies and the application of data in the value chains of the agri-food sector.

Under the acronym TRACK, the full name of the project is "Tracking Opportunities for Developing and Strengthening Data Collection in the Agri-Food Chain to Increase Competitiveness of SMEs".

Finally, TRACK will provide support to selected SMEs in the ICT field to accelerate the implementation of their own agri-food solutions.

Conferința PRIA Competition – Noutăți legislative. Analize. Studii de caz

PRIA Competition - Legislative News. Analysis. Case studies

PRIA Events, together with the Competition Council, organized for the first time in Cluj-Napoca an edition of the PRIA Competition Conference to discuss important topics for companies in order to maintain a healthy competitive environment. Why Cluj-Napoca? Because it is the city with the largest development in recent years, being chosen by many companies for investment, but also that has created many successful entrepreneurs. It is a dynamic city for several business sectors, it is the smart city that is at the top of the country, has the same GDP per capita as Bucharest and last but not least, it has one of the most developed academic backgrounds and excellent student achievements.

All companies must comply with competition laws. This is why this important event is of interest to top managers - presidents, general managers, contractors, development directors, strategy directors, operations directors, legal directors, lawyers and lawyers, as well as professional associations, chambers of commerce, embassies, consultants, investors, economists, teachers and journalists.

Competition is a vital mechanism of the Romanian economy, with the Competition Council playing a very important role in ensuring a healthy competitive environment. It encourages efficiency and innovation and reduces prices. Companies are also encouraged to provide consumers with goods and services in the most favorable terms. Therefore, competitive policies must be known and understood by all those involved in the economy. Companies need to be aware of how they can be protected by legislation if they become victims of anti-competitive practices, but also what sanctions they can receive in case of violation of the rules.

The event brings together all sectors of the economy directly interested in Cluj - IT, industry, health and pharmaceutical, financial - banking, insurance, retail, energy, telecom, car, environment, law, agriculture, construction, services and more.

At the PRIA Competition conference, legislative news on competition, high-level analyzes and case studies were discussed by the most important lecturers in the field, exchanging views and experiences with participants concerned about the same topics, and debates on how legal advisers can assist companies in their approaches to market competition, the views of associations and companies in the same industries.

At the event, they were invited to talk about competition as a vital mechanism for the optimal functioning of the economy, Mr. Emil BOC - Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Bogdan M. CHIRIŢOIU - President of the Competition Council, Emilia BOTEZAN - Head of the Foreign Relations and Investors Department of the City of Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Mihaela ION - Associate Lawyer, Popovici Niţu Stoica and Associates, Adrian STER - Partner, Wolf Theiss Romania, Bianca MUNTEANU - Executive Director, Aries Transilvania, Felix ARION - General Director, AgroTransilvania Cluster, Daniel HOMORODEAN Member, Cluj IT Cluster / President Arxia, Adrian BOT - Executive Director, Transilvania Energy Cluster - TREC, Irina VIJOLI - Founder DigiQuery, Moderator - Raluca VOIVOZEANU - CEO PRIA Conferences.