The cold-pressed walnut oil from Luna Solai receives a Superior Taste Award certificate

“Dear all,

I am glad to be able to share with you the joy of an international recognition:

Luna Solai the cold-pressed walnut oil was evaluated by ITQI (International Taste Institute from Bruxelles) and received the Superior Taste Award.

The prize – Superior Taste Award – is a unique international recognition based on blind tasting (the taster does not know the identity of the product – name, manufacturer, label, and so on), carried out by chefs and sommelier, experts in quality tasting, with Michelin stars and opinion leaders from 15 states.

It is a great joy for us to receive an international recognition from such experts, for what we have already known and you have confirmed until nowLuna Solai is a high-quality brand.

This recognition is even as important, as it is touching, for us due to how Luna Solai began and continues to develop in a family setting where the most important ingredients are passion and the respect for our products and clients alike. The merit for our products’ quality goes to my parents. You can taste their experience, work and dedication in every cold-pressed oil bottle that we produce.

Over 1360 products from all across the world took part in the 2016 edition, Romania being represented by 11 products, all of them receiving 2 and 3 Golden Stars, respectively (Luna Solai – cold-pressed walnut oil – 2 Stars; Puiul Fericit from Agricola – 2 Stars; AUR’A – Natural Gold Water – 3 Stars, Bergenbier ALE – 2 Stars; Pâinea lui Manole – 2 Stars, Wembley Dry Gin – 3 Stars; Smoked Trout Pate Trutta Dux – 2 Stars; Sibiu Salami from Agricola – 2 stars, Elixir – cold-pressed rape oile and soy prime press oil from Dachim – 2 Stars each).

How does it work?

During the tests, each product is subjected to a blind tasting which follows rigorous sensory analysis procedure.
Each taster is told to evaluate the products based on the assumption that these would be in their kitchen, and not following the restaurant standards.

A sensory analysis report is made for each evaluated product based on specific criteria, like smell, taste, visual impact, texture and so on. All of these are taken into consideration by each jury member. The latter, also, writes comments and, when necessary, suggestions.

After the tasting session ends, IQTI draws up a detailed graphic of the different classes and sums up the jury’s observations and proposals towards the involved companies. This information is truly appreciated by the manufacturers because it helps us to better understand the jury’s opinion and to become more aware of the areas in which we can improve our products.”

Luna Solai Family

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